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Barda, Raíssa Leal, through music, gives life to stories of ancient times and fantastic landscapes.

Raíssa Leal has performed under the stage name of A Barda since 2015. Singer and musician since she was 11 years old, she graduated in Popular Singing and Musical Sciences. Her voice style is focused on Medieval, Antique, Ethereal, Folk, and Celtic music. She also works on original soundtracks for animations and video games. 


She has participated in several Folk, Celtic, and Pop Culture events and festivals. She has opened the stage for international artists and bands such as Blöt (Norway) and Månegarm (Sweden). During the pandemic, she sang at online events such as Feira Nove Mundos, Festival Celta Brasil, Dia do Pride Pagão, among others. She recently performed at the official launch of God of War Ragnarok promoted by Playstation Brazil. 


In 2020, she also started to work as a composer, lyricist, producer, and instrumentalist, having made several recordings and partnerships with international producers and artists. She released her first single, Scarborough Fair, in 2021 in partnership with producer Andy Warner (Cyprus). Among her collaborations in soundtrack projects and albums around the world, the following stand out: Kingdom 1183 (Original Soundtrack) - 2021; Vágsmál (Iluriah's Album) - 2021; #Chillout (The Editor's Album) - 2022.

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